Re: Lady BB - can anyone tell me who''s missing from the

lineup? It was apparent against South Car. that we need some height to compete against a team of their caliber - I thought we had a couple of really good 6’-2" players projected for this year??

The 6-5” Post player for South Carolina just had her way. The hogs didn’t shoot well from 3 . South Carolina just handed U Conn it’s worse loss of the year Monday. CMN has made our hogs better with recruiting and coaching. I’m satisfied with the improvements he has made to our team.
Mason is redshirting after suffering an early injury. The ladies have a chance to make some noise in post season.

I believe next year the mens and women will be top 10 teams. Much help is on the way for both!

The only player out right now is Jailyn Mason, a point guard who is redshirting.

macy weaver injured or just not good enough?thought she was 6’3 or so

Macy Weaver maybe injured or hurt. She has not played this year and listed at 6-3. Freshman Destinee Oberg is also 6-3 and has played sparingly. She didn’t look ready to play or needs development.

Oberg and Williams both got hurt. Kentucky game was the first time I’ve seen Oberg; Williams started playing a couple weeks back. Williams has done a few things but isn’t ready for prime time. I doubt we get much out of either one the rest of the way, but Williams more than Oberg.

Williams is just 6-1. So Is Taylah Thomas. The poster was asking for two players 6-2 and up that were projected to help this year. I believe that is Weaver and Oberg. Williams was on the team last year.

Them’s the bigs we have, regardless of whether they’re 6-1 or 6-2. Weaver was on the team last year too, played a grand total of 49 minutes, so I don’t know that she was expected to help much. Williams started every game last year and averaged more than 20 minutes, and probably would have done the same this year if she’d been healthy.

I believe that Oberg was out with her (wrist?) injury longer than the other girls. She’s played in only 5 games since coming back. Is girls basketball like football, in that you can play ___ number of games and still red-shirt? In football you can play 1/3rd of the season and still red-shirt. Would that mean a basketball player could play 10 games and red-shirt?

I had thought that the one-third-season principle also applied to other sports, but I can’t find anything documenting that it applies to anything other than football.

For basketball, the old rule remains. It didn’t go ridiculous like football did. I wonder if football is going to change it.

Football coaches pushed for that change for years and I think they like it. It helps keep a kid around who gets antsy because he doesn’t play much as a freshman. He can get those four games without burning the shirt. Too, at the end of the season a bowl team may need to have people with a game or two left because of injuries or people who skip the bowl to save themselves for the NFL combine.

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