Re: finishing the ‘22 BB class I personally hope

that we finish somehow with a big, don’t think AB is what we need at this point.

Well, the coaching staff obviously disagrees with you, as Anthony Black has been an Arkansas recruiting priority for more than a year now.

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Not an either or. We are already on 2 bigs in the portal and there will be more. If you want a big who can contribute to a championship team next year you are much more likely to get that in the portal than by signing a freshman. AB would be a dynamic addition that would make this team that much better.


I think great athletic players at any positions should be the priority. Can’t have enough of them. Black is a wonderful player. You take two more like him before you’d take an average big man. (Of course, there probably aren’t any GREAT big men available.)

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(Of course, there probably aren’t any GREAT big men available.)

Not so fast. Rumor is Colin Castleton might be entering the portal as a potential grad transfer after FL season concludes in nit. He would be your first big man to enter the portal from a major school. FL season now over after losing to xavier. So we wait and see what Colin does.

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I would’ve thought Castleton would enter the draft.

We’ll see. He’s not ready for the NBA yet. Needs to develop a consistent jump shot. Plus, he’s still pretty thin. Realistically, Colin needs another season of college ball. Probably a longshot to come to Arkansas if he does enter the portal; but you at least talk to the kid and gage his interest.

As a previous poster pointed out, it is not an either/or thing with Anthony Black and a the addition of a big.

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Not sure why anyone would say Arkansas doesn’t need Anthony Black. Not too many 6’7" PGs out there. He would be a matchup nightmare for most teams.

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AB looks like he would be a slam dunk addition with his combination of pure talent and being the type of player that makes his team perform better. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts with some players and AB looks to be just that. We need him and a decent big and we will be an odds-on favorite to make the next final four.

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Didn’t say anything about not needing him - he’s a heck of a BB player, just stated my opinion that with the guards we have I would like to see a bad-a$$ big in our mix of players

a bad-a$$ big in our mix of players

Arkansas already has Jaylin Williams, so it’s very unlikely a bad-a$$ big will be willing to come

your expectation should be more for a big that’s willing to come and play backup minutes to JWill in a supporting role next season

Gonzaga already had Drew Timme and signed Chet Holmgren. Just one example of a bad-arse big joining another one.

sure, but not likely to happen at Arkansas

most likely Arkansas will grab a big transferring from a mid-major school willing to play limited minutes in a supporting role to JWill

a Jaylen Gainey, for instance

or maybe you luck into another Justin Smith

Well, I didn’t consider Justin Smith a ‘big’ - a big to me is 6’10” and up

Jaylin spends most of his time on the perimeter and the high post (on offense). I personally think that Jaylin and Castleton would be a lethal high/low post combo. I would love to add Castleton to next year’s team. Sign me up for a big time low post scorer such as him.

Give me Gainey and I’d be happy.

Castleton would need an attitude adjustment, but he can play. He may not want that attitude adjustment though. Muss will say thanks but no thanks real fast if the kid has the me-me-me mindset.

Or that kid that just turned in his Corndog card, Traore.

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You take him in a heartbeat….period! We will find a big if needed.

Find a fluid 6’9 - 6’10 PF to go with Williams at same time on the floor that can slide to his spot when he goes out along with everyone else and we could be a lethal team!

Here’s another high-major big that entered the portal in October. Hasn’t landed anywhere that I can find.

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