RE: Article "10 keys to victory vs. Alcorn St."

Really there on one one key to victory in this one… Show up for kick off. I hope they are able to get Ty Story some reps… I think we see him at QB a game or two before the season is over…

Really there on one one key to victory in this one. Gotta make the bus trip first. I was thinking they should rest all starters a lot except Hedlund and Limpert.

We’re going to have to outscore them. That’s key.

Games like this are hard at time because if the coaching staff is not careful mentally the team will be asleep. And when they have 11 on the field and we have 11 guys asleep, disaster occurs occasionally. So I hope the starters play a quarter or so and get a nice lead and then we use the entire roster some. But you cannot assume anything. I remember a game against Citadel and Tulsa for instance shows you do need to show up more than literally, but it should be a give me game.

If Bielema lets them snooze off, he can be glad Broyles is retired. Broyles didn’t take those Citadel type losses well. Ask Jack Crowe.

I agree and feel the coach will not allow them to read the newspapers.


Man I thought the key to winning was getting the back ups experience. I didn’t think we actually needed to score. That’s AMAZING :shock:

If our receiver would have caught the ball, instead of letting it go through his hands, in the end, Crow may have had a longer tenure as our coach.

I remember when Broyles hired Crowe. Broyles said the fiery redhead reminded him of himself as a youth. Kind of like the shallow musings we see on political fronts these days. Crowe was known on occasion to go far up in the stadium crowd to personally confront hollering hecklers. All those fond reminisces gave Broyles absolutely no hesitation in a quick pull of the trigger. I doubt Broyles would have ever had those type emotional attachments with Bielema.