RD, you know anything about Colby Austin

I’m told he’s a kicker/punter at Glen Rose with a big leg, and was at UA last weekend. Coach wants him to play tailback too but he wants to focus on kicking. Think he might get offered for 2020?

Yes, Colby Steed. He can hit from 60 plus.

No idea about an offer, but can see him as a walkon.


That would be him. Person who told me that is a little shaky on details. Like names…

No biggie. That makes two of us.

Kid has a leg though. If he can placekick, kickoff and punt to SEC standards, might be worth the scholie to cover three jobs with one LOI. And I’m fully aware that giving a scholarship to an unproven kicker is a shot in the dark. Supposedly Steed runs a 4.5 which is probably why his coach wants him to play RB, but a 165-pound RB isn’t going to get very far in the SEC unless he runs about a 4.2 like that Smurf LSU had a few years back.

My source also said he’s getting some Power 5 interest from schools like Oregon State, although Beavs football is barely Power 5. But then this guy got his name wrong, so take that with a shaker of salt.

USC, UCF, Troy, Penn State, Wisconsin, UNC, UCA, FCU, A State, Army West Point, Texas State, Florida, and UAB are some of the schools showing interest.