RD who was the big 6'7 receiver we were looking at

I know we got a commitment from the 6’6 kid but there was another one his size we were looking at but his name escapes Me

Is it I Teslaa?

No he’s 6’4 this kid was two to three weeks ago and he looked fantastic! But I haven’t heard anything about him since then so probably not going to happen but I was just curious

Tyrone Borden. Think he’s headed to Oklahoma.

Yeah I think that’s him I don’t know why I thought he was 6’7… thanks

Actually is listed at 6-7 here…

I wish we could get him , along with that wr from Texas A@M - Commerence we would be set.

Ok that’s where I was getting that from… I knew I saw it somewhere. I really wanted him because we already had the 6’6 kid from FCS and I was thinking we got the twin towers for KJ to throw the ball up to if we get this kid

He’s probably 6’7 using the Dawson method Billy.


Refresh my memory… what is the Dawson method LOL

I guess he deleted the tweet of his commitment to OU? Didn’t tweet it out?

I saw where visited Penn State.

Measuring in whatever footwear the player happened to be wearing. Could sometimes add 2 inches to a player’s actual height.


Oh ok…I gotcha

Well maybe we can get Thornton if he doesn’t commit to Tennessee

I wouldn’t discount Broden if he’s willing to take more visits. Can’t imagine Arkansas not wanting to get him on campus.

Yeah I can’t imagine that either because he is a stud.

Where do you think he’s going Richard?

He hasn’t visited. I was thinking there might be a chance this weekend but looks like he’s shutting it down.

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