RD, what do you know about

the big RB from NLR. I think is name is O’Donald.

He’s putting up big numbers so far this year.

I watched him break some FHS hearts last night. He’s big with speed. I’d guess 6’2, 215 lbs. He’s the kind you notice during pre-game warm ups. On a high school level, he looks more like a TE or DE than a RB.

Erick Taylor who covered the game for us last night said he’s definitely DI.

I’m sure I saw him last year but evidently he’s made a big jump from junior to senior season.

I don’t remember him from last year either. May be a late bloomer.

For some reason I get slow mo but NLR’s OC said he was able to refresh and it was normal but not for me


The video won’t work for me.

Good source says he was injured his first two seasons, so most don’t know about him. I assume he hasn’t attended camps or combines. I predict the word will get out on him quick enough.

BTW, the back judge in the photo is former Hog, Sparky Hamilton.

Don’t know if that is SEC speed, but he sure is a bruiser. Sure seems to me like an SEC back that we could use.

We need SEC speed.

I can’t tell because it’s still in slow motion for me.

It may be slow motion, but take good look at that long stride and he does not go down easily. The latter is a big reason he got a lot of extra yardage. Those qualities work well for running backs and receivers.

Great balance. I saw some stiff arms and some moves besides just speed. Love extra effort going down. That sometimes is when guys can fumble? Even had good hands on speed out.

No doubt. Very physical.

Hopefully the video allows me to see his speed. Gonna look now.

Apparently, O Donald has not taken the ACT. Not sure what that indicates.