RD the hoops dead period

That ends tomorrow right? Does that mean players are then able to talk to coaches and start setting up summer visits and all that stuff?

Dead period is no face-to-face contact on or off campus. Unless something has changed in BB, you can still talk to the kids.

I think we’ll see someone visiting fairly soon.

Ohhh shoot the tease! RD a 2020 guy or possibly someone for 2019? If you had to guess do you think they are done with 2019 or nah?

Thought RD had posted that Che Evans is visiting June 8-9.

Know about Evans but got the feeling RD was talking about someone different. Could be wrong. RD is the king of the tease and he is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers!

My great niece is being recruited for basketball. It’s my understanding she can call the coaches during the dead period but they cannot call or talk to her. It’s weird at AAU games because the coaches recruiting her can watch but have no contact with her or our family.