RD Tackett Curtis committed to USC

What in the world happened with him. I thought at one time we were a frontrunner for him or in his top two or three. Why in the world would he go way out to the West coast… something don’t smell fresh in the gumbo on this one.

Lincoln Riley, that’s what happened. The Suckeyes thought they had him until he committed to the Broomheads, and he was also considering Wisconsin. Translation: He weren’t staying around here.

This one is disappointing. He may well show up on our doorstep one day

When I couldn’t get an answer when he might visit Arkansas again, I started thinking it wasn’t going to happen. That was probably in the spring.

I’m just guessing NIL might of played a role here. Just speculation on my part. I was told very early on he wasn’t going to LSU. I hinted pretty strongly about that but can say it now.

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We all talk about Kirby Smart and Nick Saban as recruiting gurus. Lincoln Riley is pretty salty in his own right. Recruiting players from across the country to Norman or USC-W is impressive. I get that they are Top10 historical programs but the recruiting game is filled with ruthless, well-funded, and passionate recruiters.

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Yeah definitely got your drift that he wasn’t going to stay in the state with LSU
he just one of those kids who says good things about everybody I suppose because he said really good things about Sam’ and Scherzer. I got concerned a little bit when you mentioned Wisconsin being a big factor. I knew they had a great defense for years and I could kind of get a feeling for that but USC hasn’t been good for a while…I’m pretty sure they hooked him up with some eye candy out there. Good luck to the kid and I think he’s going to be a great player.

A source close to the program was concerned about Wisconsin and OSU and then USC came along.

I thought he would stay fairly close to home.

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Your intuition of the NIL being the big reason is probably spot on it’s a different game nowadays and that’s going to be a factor more times than not probably.

This kid comes from Many, La. which I have spent a lot of time in. It’s a great small town but about as far removed from the bright lights of Hollywood as one can get. I think he was ultimately swayed by this as he turned down several great programs that were not in major metropolitan areas. And as RD, Swine and Oklahog says Lincoln Riley is pretty good at his job

walk on campus and you will get it. SC is so much nicer than crosstown rival UCLA and most PAC 12 Cali schools. My next door neighbor son is thrilled to be going to school there and I have a positive sense for the campus life from Tony Boselli who shared a nanny and many lunches (of course he met his Miss California wife while in school and she is great in all manners). Maybe Tackett really, really likes blondes more than Hollywood lights. I have tried to get my daughter to visit the SC area and talk to Sam while he is still on campus (then get her to the Pomona colleges) so I think Lincoln Riley is gonna bring SC back to glory days and Tackett is riding the momentum of the great breaking wave. Sad to lose if that is the way it is being perceived but I also think it is highly doubtful in my mind that Tackett is the #1 end all be all LB in the country, JMO but we will find a fit.

Shows you what I know. I always heard bad things about USC I guess because it’s supposedly in a rough part of LA. Always heard UCLA was beautiful.

Uh huh, UCLA is in Westwood, whereas USC is in south central LA.


I had a tight end who signed with Auburn took a visit out to Stanford and came back and was blown away with how beautiful it was out there but knew his mother would kill him if he went out there that far away from home LOL

I’ve driven by both (years ago). I only remember being shocked that USC was in (what I thought) was a bad neighborhood.


I always heard the area around UCLA was much nicer. Haven’t visited either one of them.

You know, the Curtis kid has a somewhat slight build - he played a safety/linebacker position. Not sure he has the frame of any of the LB’s we have committed for next class

USC and ND have something in common. Stanford is stunning.


A lot of stunningly beautiful campuses out west. Pepperdine, Cal State - Long Beach, and UCal - Santa Barbara are all “beach” schools. How cool is that? And, I would not have made it through, methinks, with the beach a stone’s throw from the student union.

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UCLA campus is beautiful and the area is top notch. USC is not that great and is in a bad part of town.

What I always heard.

I remember having Brian Williams (Rawleigh’s bro) and his dad on my show and they raved about Stanford. The beauty and the weather.

Heard Cal was also beautiful.

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