RD. Surprises

RD. Any chances of signing day surprises? Any players under the radar we are looking at?

It would have to be someone that hasn’t visited. Not one off hand.

What do you think our chances are with OL Campbell the graduate transfer from LSU?

You never say never in recruiting, but I would be surprised in there were any new name surprises on Wednesday.

Recruiting reports make liars out of all of us. And, then there is the title of the newest fly fishing book by my favorite author, John Gierach: All Fishermen Are Liars. When someone predicts that there are not likely to be surprises on signing day, then I am a little skeptical. Sorry, I’ve just seen too many of them. Does someone sign who hasn’t visited? Seldom, but it has happened.

In the early period there were 3 Razorback signees - Julius Coats, Dominique Johnson, Kelin Burrle - who had never visited campus officially or unoffcially that signed with Arkansas.

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