RD, regarding SG Bryce Thompson

Is Arkansas still in the picture for 2020 recruit 6-3 SG Bryce Thompson out of Tulsa? 247 Sports has moved Bryce to #24 in the nation and a 5* prospect.

I have no reason to think otherwise. He and his dad loved Arkansas and obviously knowing Keyshawn Embery is a plus. I expect Arkansas to offer in the near future.

Being from Tulsa, is there a Lee Mayberry connection?

Also 247 Sports has Moses Moody at #26 as a high 4*. If we get these two, we are set at SG for at least a couple of years. I don’t know where that leaves Doakes.

All depends where Arkansas has them on their board. Doakes is legit. I would put his first step against anyone in the country.

RD, I assumed AR was looking at the three instate kids first - Moody, Moore, and Doakes. I know scholarships are tight and Peaster is in 2021. Since you think they’ll offer Thomson, would they offer Moody, Doakes, and Peaster as well, and it become 1st come, 1st serve?

They haven’t offered two of them so right now hard to say. They’ll watch them this spring and summer and come up with an idea of a pecking order then I would assume.

Yes, Lee and Rod, Bryce’s father, are very good friends. Lee has had an effect for sure.

Sorry, I totally overlooked the question about Lee. Here’s the story from Bryce’s visit and the Mayberry connection.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … etball-pr/

Who is peaster? And seeing that we’re already guard heavy I would say that Moody, Bryce then Moore would be the order for the 20 class right now I can’t see use having more than three scholarships open for that class

Plaster is in the 2021 class and may end up as good as those others.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -big-time/

Doakes is a major question mark for me…has bounced from school to school to school…very skinny when I saw him and I’d say short of 6’1” but that was a year ago.

I know the rankings are a question mark at this point, but Future 150 has the 2020 guys we are discussing in this order:

Moody #38 SG
Thompson #44 SG
Moore #79 SF
Doakes #95 PG

To me we need Doakes and Moore and the question mark would be between Thompson and Moody because they play the same position.

Just for reference, no AR players are listed in the 2021.

This spring and summer, we’ll begin to see how much of a prospect all of these guys are. Up until now, it’s been too early.

For instance, last year at this point, rankings had Moore the highest and because of that, people were talking most about him and saying things like “future 5-Star”. But, as you said, at this stage, rankings are a question mark. I often point back to Trey Thompson being ranked the #22 player in the nation by ESPN as a 15 year old. You have to watch a lot of basketball and not just high school to be able to see through those early age rankings. I’m no expert but I’ve learned over the years. That’s why, instead of touting Moore, I’ve been touting Moody for over a year.

It’s not unlike the NBA draft. I look for length and athleticism. I also look at how mature their bodies are. With that in mind, keep your eye on Davonte Davis from Jacksonville. He’s the lesser talked about between him and Gerald Doakes. But, when I saw Davis last year, he was about 6’0 but had arms down to his knees and a very immature body. Doakes was more compactly built. That often tells us that Davis will grow more than Doakes. Fast forward to now, and I think Davis closer to 6’3 while Doakes hasn’t grown much if any. Doakes is the more explosive scorer right now, but Davis might have a higher ceiling. We’ll start to see in the next few months.

On Moore, when I first saw him in the rankings, it said with his skill set if he grows to his expected size (6’10, I believe he’s been listed at 6’6 for awhile) he would move up the rankings in a hurry, could be a future #1. What’s your opinion, when I read that I thought of Anthony Davis, if he grows to 6’10 plus, would he be that type of player?

As for Davis, I’ve seen his name a lot from people who are around AAU ball, but I really haven’t seen the “rankers” mention him. I do like your breakdown.

Moore’s body has been very mature for awhile now. A lot of times, that means that he won’t grow too much more. Similar to Justice Hill. That’s held up so far. I understand his uncles are near 7 feet, but I pay attention to kids bodies more than I factor other stuff. I don’t expect an Anthony Davis-like growth spurt. I lean toward expecting maybe another inch or so of growth. We’ll see. If he were to grow to 6’8-6’9, he’d be a monster and very highly recruited.

Chris seems to have a very mature body for a sophomore. I was unable to locate his age. Was he in fact held back a year?

Moore looks closer to being 6-4 than 6-6 to me. Right now Moody is clearly the best prospect in the state for that class and we could use him right now.

He knows he has to show the ability to play the three because unless he grows the four on the next level is unlikely.