RD, regarding Jaykwon Walton

2019 4-star Jaykwon committed to Miss State yesterday and decommitted today. He has an Arkansas offer. His Dad posted on Twitter that Jaykwon committed to MSU because that is what his Dad wanted. But he has now convinced his Dad that he wants to make his own choice.

Can you comment on this if you know anything further? Was Arkansas in his Final 4 or Final whatever?

I just read his dad’s quote. I’m not sure Walton won’t still end up at Mistake. Funny thing is reading that quote, he made the comment that Mistake recruited the family more. Reminded me of how Ms Perry so vigorously talked about not letting Reggie come to AR if he decided to back out of his commitment. Wonder if any $$ is/was involved in both.

He mentioned his relaltionship with Scotty in Vegas, but I’m not sure how interested he is. Will do some checking.

Walton has been interviewed numerous times by national writers the last couple of months and Arkansas hasn’t come like of his mouth.