RD or Dudley?

When might we see an article on how the last 7 FB schollies might be awarded position wise and some of the top targets for those positions?

My guess is that the remaining seven might look like this:

DL- 2
DE- 1
CB- 1
QB- 1
WR- 1
BAP- 1

We don’t know how many scholies Sam will have to give, because they can get up to 7 extra depending on how many people we lose in the portal.

There are not seven left at this date, There are three although some more may come available.

Here’s story on that:

This is as fluid of a situation as they come. Dudley had a story with quotes from Pittman. Will link.

I think they’ll probably add 3-4 more HS kids and then look at the portal. If guys leave which I believe will happen, then they’ll be able to add to the class.

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