RD or DD

Does anyone know how Joe is?

not rd or dd but if he had arthoscopic knee surgery on Thursday/Friday…it will be at least 2-3 weeks before he’s back.i had ACL ligament graph surgery 20 yrs ago and had to miss work for 6 weeks and I had an active job(police officer on the streets)

Well his surgery was Tuesday. So what’s your guess?

Not RD/or DD, but:

Most of those “in the know” are saying 2-4 weeks (maybe 6).

Of course rumors out there saying different, but until I hear from a real source we will stay with the 2-4 weeks.

I’m told it will be minimum of two weeks. So Maybe a week from Tuesday night. And, yes, the surgery was Tuesday. There have been no issues from the surgery at this point.

Latest from Joe

He obviously wants back as soon as possible, but trainer Mark O’Neal will do the right thing and get him back on the court when it is time and not before.

The most important thing is Joe’s health. What a good young man!

arthroscopic surgery has advanced so much that what would’ve required a long absence even a few years ago doesn’t require nearly as much now. Of course, I’m sure a lot depends on how extensive the damage, repair was. Maybe some orthopod on here will enlighten us. Regardless, it’ll be good to get him back. Not sure if it will be in time to recover the season enough to get us back into the NCAA tourney, but it’ll still be good. He’ll be a bit out of shape, but even 20 minutes from him will help

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