RD Obanor

So what’s the deal with Obanor? Do we have a shot or not? Is he actually going back to ORU?


Don’t see it happening.

Always possible but gettin someone like him for the 13th scholarship with a stacked roster is a long shot. Players like Jaxson Robinson and Trey Wade are better possibilities.

So, I guess we’re just gonna pocket our last scholarship for next year? Abmus is going back to ORU. I’ve been looking for what Obanor is going to do, but all I hear are crickets. Obviously, if Obanor would’ve transferred here, he would have started for us. No way he was gonna be the 13th guy. If he is going back to ORU, I just have to wonder why…?

Looking at his tweets (and that could be PR on his part), Obanor seems to like playing for a faith-based university like ORU. So that could be part of it.

Doesn’t look like our door has closed yet. Does Muss have a final bomb to drop to finish this class…?


How are you feeling now?

FYI, Just saw a tweet from one of the Alabama recruiting writers who said about an hour ago that he said that Bama was no longer recruiting Obanor, and he thought we were leading for him. However, the Illinois writers think they lead for him.

In a 2 horse race between us and the Illini, I really like our chances. I’m not kidding when I say that landing Obanor would make my summer.

T Tech fans seem confident as well that Obanor will become a Red Raider. Will be an interesting next couple of days.

Can’t be understated, Obanor committing to Arkansas would be HUGE.

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I don’t think Tech will continue to be a national player with Beard gone. I could be wrong, but why would anyone want to live in Lubbock over Fayetteville?

True but Obanor has connection with member of their coaching staff, as he originally recruited Obanor to ORU. Think that’s why many Red Raider fans are feeling confident.

That’s true, but with one year left I would think the head coach would carry the most weight. Who could improve his game more in preparation for the NBA?

Information on this is all over the place. The only thing that seems certain is that Bama is out. Depending on where/who you read, One of the other three teams is the favorite. My expectations are low.

Headed to Texas Tech

Announcement, information or gut feel. Hope it is just a feeling and a wrong one.

You got it

On Twitter, Kevin Obanor just announced a final 2 of Arkansas and Texas Tech