RD? How many OL do we take?

Assuming Jones doesn’t get a waiver, how many OL will we take in this class? I’ve heard 3 or 4, and those numbers were including Jones in the 2020 class. I can’t see us turning down one of our top targets should they push us over that number, but have you heard a number for this class? I know, it’s fluid and the numbers always work themselves out, but tell me something anyway…

When Luke Jones transfer in, this brought the number to 16 O-lineman. Arkansas has two senior O-lineman, lose two and recruit two for replacement.Three including Luke Jones.

Arkansas needs LBs and DBs, not an extra O-lineman.

That’s fine if they all stay, or you want them to. As to LB’s and DB’s, we may have needs, but we don’t have many prospects as far as guys favoring us. Probably no more than a couple at either position, so you’d turn down a 4* OL for a 2* DB/LB?

Arkansas needs four LBs. Three from high school ranks and an older one from a Jr college. One who can come in and play immediately and give the young LBs time to learn.

They need at least four CBs. Two from high school and from Jr college. They must recruit at least one safety.

I’m not holding my breath on LBers, Chavis has shown an inability to get the job done.

If t comes down to a guy who will never contribute and a good OL you get the OL. We are definitely taking more than 2. SEC is all about the line of scrimmage, LBer is a huge area of concern for us, but it’s lower on the ranking.

DB recruiting probably isn’t going to be great this cycle either.

I think there will be a decent drop off in recruiting this year, for several reasons. I don’t see any reason to not still believe that, but I hope t changes. I know we technically have more commits or whatever, but we aren’t in any big time guys like we were this time last year. No top 100 guys like Henry and Burks.

Probably will be a 25-30 ranked class, which coming off a 2 win season I guess isn’t bad. But, it’s just what to expect unless we have some kind of freak season.

Either way, it needs to have some good players in it, and right now I’d say we have 2 big time recruits. So we need to pick that up. It’s an important class, need to make the most of it.

Yes, 3-4 would be right. Fourth if it’s guy they really, really like.

This isn’t correct. Broughton, Crawford, Chris Morris, French, Eason, and Omari Thomas are all big time recruits, a couple being in the top 100. I believe we’re also in on Dwight McGlothern, Thompson, and another DB who are all highly regarded 4-stars. Just kinda depends if we can close the gaps.

There’s a difference.

We all kind of knew Henry and Burks would be hogs.

We don’t know that Broughton or Thomas will be. Those are the top 100 guys we are on. The longer time goes since Broughtons visit the less I feel like we get him. I’ve never got the feeling we would get Thomas. So that’s what I mean by that. Same with Chris Morris, looks highly unlikely at this moment, would love to get him though. Those are all, I’ll believe it when I see it types. Not, I know we will get them, like Henry and Burks.

French and Eason would be great pick ups, I hope we get them, but they aren’t top 100 guys like I was talking about. But we’ve managed to mess up about every LBer recruiting situation so, who knows.

Mcglothern, also a I believe it when I see it, but god that would be sweet.