RD, how is Ryder Anderson doing?

Any updates? Is he starting?

According to another board he isn’t starting

This week the Houston Chronicle listed him as one of the keys players on a very good team and one of the top 40 prospects in the metro area. That would likely make him a 4 star or very near.

Don’t know where you get your info?

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … ct-emcore/

http://www.maxpreps.com/news/oIOYIZChn0 … owdown.htm

He didn’t start. Coach Joseph said he played mostly on passing situations, but will see more time in coming games.

Should be interesting watching this prospect as the year goes on. A future SEC Dlineman only playing on 3rd down aka passing situations…something isn’t right. He is either in trouble or he is not good playing the run.

he has a great frame to grow into, but perhaps he is a little light to play against the run

They played Westlake last week. He should have gotten a lot of snaps. Sam Ehlinger is the best QB in Texas, and Todd Dodge doesn’t mess around.

I read what was posted elsewhere and if repeated here someone will accuse of spreading gossip. Gage said it right, just no one here is saying. What I read wasn’t positive at all.

I don’t have any info on that, I’m just taking a guess. Just doesn’t make sense that an SEC dline prospect is only playing in situational schemes

There are some reports out there, but neither I nor Richard has confirmed that yet.

That’s what we do before adding to a narrative that may or may not be true.

It’s just proper journalism because anybody can throw anything out there in our world these days


I appreciate that. And, I really don’t appreciate the other-- (like will’s post, not Gage’s)–“hey, I know something, but I can’t say…and it’s bad…but I won’t repeat it”.

Geez. If you’ve got something to say, say it…or don’t.

When I asked about the rumor on gragg got blasted. Yet another site had an insider write an article on it, and there was nothing there. Yeah right. Let me say I’m glad the kid is staying a hog and not transferring. So that’s why I won’t repeat what was written elsewhere on Anderson.

I feel like since Will’s mom Tenita is a close friend and former classmate at Newport of both myself and my wife Petra that I will always have a clear idea of what is happening with him.

That rumor was thrown against the wall without merit.

I checked immediately when told of it and got to the bottom of it.

It is one of those things where I considered myself am ethical journalist and don’t necessarily like some aspects of message board and today’s media.

But neither are going away.

Someone giving the opinion that rumor mongering is bad form is not blasting you. It’s just someone giving an opinion about the practice.

And the point of my post wasn’t to mean that you should repeat the rumor. The point was that by continuing to put it out there, you are essentially repeating it.

So, if your intent really is to stay away from it, why not just stay away from it?

Will do.

Thanks for the reasonable response. Sorry if my posts were overly pointed.