RD Hoops Question

How many former 4 stars will be on the Hogs’ roster next season if IJ comes back?

Since RD hasn’t responded, I’ll take a stab at it:

Nine, I believe:


I believe all were consensus except Devo, Henderson, and Chaney. At least 1 service had them listed as 4-stars. I’m not positive that Joe was a consensus 4-star. I think I remember that 247 had him as a 3-star. Wow, what a miss huh!

Even more impressive, 5 were consensus top 100 players:
Smith, Williams, Moody, KK and Jackson.

Without researching that seems about right.

When it is all said and done, it will be eight 4-stars. One of the nine you listed will not be there, unless Desi Sills is the one not on the roster.

I don’t believe any service had Desi as a 4-star. He was a 3-star in the mid 250s on the 247 composite.

PJ, so you think Desi is gone?

Thanks, Harley. That was what I was thinking. I’m not sure we have ever had this many former 4 stars on one roster. Very impressive, and as I stated in another thread, if we have to lose someone, Chaney would be the one I would miss the least.

No. I have not even heard a rumor that Desi is leaving. So, I have no knowledge of that, to be clear.

What I am saying is that if Desi is not the one that leaves, then one of Chaney, Henderson and Joe will not be there. That means one less 4 star off your list.

Unless it’s Iyiola or Notae.

But those two have sat out one year already and may have to play Div 2 ball to play next year. Could happen I guess.

Yes, 247 ranked him 206th. ESPN had him unranked, but a 4 star. Rivals 116th and a 4 star.

Have noticed that pure athletic skills and ball handling skills sway the ranking services in how they rank shooting guards. Moody for example fell from 5 star to 40s and then 50s as he moved to Monteverde and was more visible to the ranking services.

Moody, in this last season actually moved up on 247 and the composite. He ended up to #39 in their final ratings, so that exposure at Montverde actually helped him. And KK’s exposure this past year really helped him. He moved up all the way up to #38 on 247.

Moody ended up #44 on their composite and KK moved up to #59 from the 80s on their composite. If you play well, that exposure helps a lot IMO.

I thought Moody was a 5 star as a sophomore and then dropped starting his junior year at Monteverde. He did move up a bit in rankings in his senior season.

KK on the other hand is athletic and a great handle. So more exposure he gets higher his ranking goes.

Just my opinion.

Yes, I agree. I posted that at the end of this past season, they bumped him back up from the 50s. He is now rated as a high 4 star and I believe his rating is pretty accurate.

If you are going to really stand out as a junior at a school like Monteverde, you have to come in as probably a legit top 10 player in the junior class.

I thought he stood out as a senior in regards to his overall game. Shooting, rebounding, defense, passing. I think that’s why they bumped him about 15 spots.

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