Do you anticipate that future recruiting classes may be skewed a bit toward the defensive side of the ball in light of our ongoing shortcomings there over several years? I’m not talking about completely ignoring the offense, just maybe taking an extra DB or DL instead of a guard or a WR.


I have talked with the DC and a couple of the defensive assistants, who have very specific ideas about the players they want for the positions in the 3-4.

That’s in terms of height, weight, speed, etc.

Will eventually talk to the two others and mesh that with Coach B’s thoughts in a story.

And that needs to start with the D-Line.

The depth chart shows the DL with one senior (Jackson), two juniors (Watts and Hall), three sophomore and three freshmen.

Arkansas is usually best when they have several juniors and seniors playing their best football. Trey Flowers. Chris Smith and Malcolm Sheppard are a few to come to mind. Philon is the only DL I can recall recently that was a standout as a sophomore.

CBB stated the 18 recruiting class would have 18 to 20 Initial Counters. The current roster has 13 seniors listed.This means there will several redshirts jrs, who will graduate and move on.
No one knows if Watts and Hall will be on next years roster.

Trey Flowers, 4yr starter. Malcolm Sheppard 3yr starter. Chris Smith 2yr starter. I don’t remember Watts or Hall ever starting a game.

I’m saying Trey and the others played their best when they junior-senior years. They were difference makers. Trey was All SEC the last two seasons. Chris was ALL SEC his senior year.

I feel fairly safe in predicting the scholarship currently occupied by one C. Hedlund will be vacated. And he isn’t a redshirt junior.

Might need to try and add another Juco guy to plug in along with Gooden. Need some instant impact, not sure where it’s going to come from on the current roster, outside of Agim… no one has seemed like much of a player. Capps has his moments and I think with time will get there. The others are just too slow, that’s what I see atleast.

Coach B’s latest speculation is 15-18, not 18-20.

That counts the two blue shirts to be counted as 2018.