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On Finebaum, CSP gave an update on how recruits he would push forward to 22.

He said he hope to push forward one or two. to 22.

We know Ridgeway is one of them.

Any way to know of who else?

Think we could hear something fairly soon on one.

One would think/hope that if Coach is pushing forward a scholarship or two, the player must either be very good or be able to play immediately in a position of need (preferably both). Maybe my rose colored glasses are a tint too red, but it seems with the better in-state talent for 2021 and the seemingly positive reception the staff is getting out of state, that we have reason to be optimistic about the upcoming class, so one might expect that each scholarship will be to high potential prospects.

I know, as I often note when posters are unhappy with burning redshirt years, that in the impatient sports world, the future is today, so positioning for the 2022 season at the possible expense of the 2021 season only increases the possibilities of not being around for the 2022 season. Anyway, I know the staff knows what they are doing, so it is pretty exciting to see what they feel is worthy of borrowing against the next class.

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