RD, Dudley, thoughts on "Super" Soph class?

Could it be just as top-heavy as '19?

TE-DE Erin Outley, Parkview
TE Mason Brotherton, Mena
RB Kylin James, Dumas
ATH Braylon Bishop, Ashdown

Now I’ve been off base before and I usually overrate our own states’ level of talent, but that’s 4 potentially elite kids. Bishop is also being called the best baseball prospect AR has had in a long time.

High ***
DE Chris Haywood, Foreman
WR Jamarion Frye, Rison
OL Erin Smith, NLR
OL Torrie Phillips, Joe T Robinson

Haywood is a physical freak already and simply manhandles 2-A competition. Frye is a 6’2" burner. OL Phillips, Smith are going to get outstanding coaching

DL Jared Summons, LR Hall is the younger brother of Bobby Portis

ATH Dredon Norwood, FS Northside, is a cousin of O.U. corner Tre Norwood

I want to see film for this season on some of the guys, but I like your list.

Smith isn’t a starter but has loads of potential. All about how he develops.

Phillips moved. Trying to find out where.

Erin and Mason have the chance to be highly recruited.

James dominated last year so you expect him to do the same the next three years.

Phillips moved I had heard good things about him last yr, smh

I know Smith got offered by Tulane after a camp of some kind

Warren also has a pretty good young lineman, name escapes me

I’ve seen Outley and Bishop and love them both.

The others I have not seen live or on tape yet so I will reserve judgement until I see them in person and/or watch tape.

So it would be hard for me to call it as good as 2019 until I get a good picture.

I will see Phillips tonight when Robinson visits Springdale.

I have plans to see Frye and Smith.

Dudley, rumor is Torrie Phillips has left VB Joe T Robinson, where he would be who knows