RD & Dudley? Is Morris recruiting Hill to play football?

Could justice be another Kyler Murray?

Hill isn’t anywhere near the level of Kyler Murray… come on now.

I wouldn’t offer him a scholarship, I’d let him walk on as a slot receiver.

But Kyler Murray? There’s a reason he was a very lowly rated 3 star football player, and Kyler was a 5 star. Hills a great athlete, but far from a great football player.

Hill is a possibility for a scholarship at CB in 2019 class. Arkansas has a need for DBs in the worst way.

My best guess is he would have to walkon and maybe go on scholarship next year.

Fitz said Justice should have a better idea of things at the end of the week.

Yes I think you are probably right.
Hill could placed on scholarship in January 2020, at the begining of the 2nd semester and he would be counted against the over all limit of 85 scholarships only.

Someone mentioned Hill as a possible defensive back. Does he have that kind of speed? How good is his arm as far as throwing the deep ball?

Are you serious??? My goodnesss…if were another Kyler Murray he would have been offered by every P5 school known to man. Our fans sometimes absolutely kill me.

He is not a P5 QB.

Don’t know if he has ever been electronically timed, but he was the fastest kid on the field against PA in that state championship game. He is shifty and quick and played CB as a 9th grader. Electric with the ball in his hands. If he will commit to football and go all in he can play. We have wasted alot of football scholarships over the years on kids that couldn’t touch this kid.

I believe he is working through his basketball options first.


Hope he finds a hoops home where he can follow his dream unless his dream is to actually be an Arkansas football player