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I saw that Nick, Jordan, and the Blockers are coming in for the Kentucky game. Is Black coming back for the game, and is anyone else visiting?

Checking. Unless the roads are bad, ‘24 Dallas Thomas will be there.

‘23 big Brandon Garrison is coming.

‘23 PG Jeremiah Johnson has a game.


Scratch Garrison. His game got pushed back to Saturday.

As of now, that’s all who’s coming.

What about Black?

Omaha won’t be visiting. He has to go back home after Friday’s game.

As of now, nothing to report on Anthony.

Disappointed Omaha can’t come.

Could have some big news soon. More later

Is it about a particular 5* not on your list coming to the game? If so, it’s all over Twitter

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Again with the code talk…

For everyone else, another recruiting service is reporting (yes, publicly on Twitter) that Baye Fall and Assane Diop will be at the game.


Yes, there is a reason for it. Per Clay, Dudley, and RD himself.

Just so you know, if someone else is saying it and it hasn’t been said on here, it is because they are confirming the story and don’t want the rumors on here unless the kids themselves put it out. That’s why I did “code talk” and told him it was all over Twitter. That way he knows it blowing up.

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Woah, that is big news. Fall’s second UOV to Arkansas I believe, and the first for his cousin.

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We would be firmly in NC talk if we get Fall

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Or Diop

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I agree

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Fall and Blocker would make for an outstanding class, if that was all we signed. They also know each other well, as they played together in an early summer top 100 AAU event (can’t remember the event name). Their team had the best record in the event and both Fall and Blocker made the top 30 players list.

If I’m not mistaken Blocker led the event in assists. I’m sure lots of Layden’s assists went to Baye.
Blocker is also now a consensus top 40 player in the class. IMO, he’s going to be a great college PG. An absolute must have for the Hogs in this 2023 class.

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If we land Fall, Blocker, and Diop will will probably be in the Top 10 recruiting rankings again, I wish Biliew would have been able to come as well. Him and Fall would be an outstanding inside duo. Those kids here at the same time helps in them getting to know each other and Muss can show them how he will use them together

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Just make sure it’s clear, I’m not questioning RD not being forthcoming. I understand and respect that.

I’m simply jabbing at you because you constantly post in code, and I’m of the justified opinion that it’s unnecessary.

Okay so did they show for the games today or not ?

Saw somewhere else that they did indeed

Fall and Diop were seen at the game. Walsh, Smith and the Blockers also made it.

Dallas Thomas wasn’t able to make it.

There were reasons why I wasn’t able to confirm Fall and Diop but they were seen today so there you have it.