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Any new news on Walsh or Black?

Other than what I posted the other day thinking Arkansas had a good shot at both. Again, not saying they’re locks. Walsh’s dad said about two weeks ago they would start the decision making process later this month. Things can obviously change as far as a timeline.

Black is supposed to visit the Zags next weekend. He said the following in our interview at his school.

"After my visit to Gonzaga, I’ll start think about more deeply where I’m going but I just want to finish my visits first so I can have a feel for everything,”

Both of them had good weekends at the Wooten Camp this weekend…

Walsh to Kansas this upcoming weekend and made it clear a decision in October.

Thanks, guys. I thought it was pretty cool that so many Arkansas fans were flooding their Twitter. Hopefully it moves the needle with them. Are these the only guys we are still persuing for 2022?

Walsh is up over 6500 Twitter followers, most from Arkansas.

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Looks like Muss is recruiting the right dudes. Hope he continues to reel em in. I’m a believer. If we can get both Walsh and Black, along with Nick, we can win the whole damn thing! Super athletic! Great time to be a Hog fan! Go Hogs!

We would likely be a strong final four pick.

I was kinda hoping, since he didn’t go this weekend, that he might just cancel and commit to the Hogs this week. Oh well, if he had promised Kansas he would visit, he should keep his word. Just hope they don’t convince him to commit to them.

According to PJ, Kansas is no longer a blue blood. That bs withstanding, I hope Jordan had a terrible time in Lawrence this weekend and realises that he should be a Hog. I really think he will be.

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I usually don’t wade in with predictions in these things, because when it comes to recruits and where they will go, how in the heck would I know? I’m not talking to them or their coaches (which is the case for 99% of the rest of the folks posting here, by the way).

But I do have - for whatever reason - a very strong gut feeling on Walsh that he will end up at Kansas. This, from reading multiple posts and stories from a variety of sources over the past month. Seems like we are a serious contender, but with Kansas being his “dream” school, and having that visit yet to come…just feels like a very likely outcome.

We’ll know in the next 2-3 weeks.

I too feel the same way Wiz in regards to Kansas and it being his dream school. Maybe he can get there and see that we have more to bring with our staff but who knows.

I haven’t heard anyone say Kansas is Walsh’s “dream school.”

I certainly haven’t read that anywhere either.

Is that a serious question? Obviously Muss sees it differently.

All three of those players have entirely different skill sets, different games. They could coexist and thrive playing together. Black can play the 3 or 4. Walsh the 2 or 3, Smith the 1 or 2. Any of the three could adjust and play a different position in a moment’s notice. You could probably add a numbered position to all three if they had to do it.

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Positional need doesn’t apply to positionless basketball. You don’t need traditional bigs with the way Muss likes to play.

He literally played Adrio Bailey at center his first year and still won 20 games.

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IMO, Walsh is night and day different than Smith. Walsh is super athletic, great finisher, terrific rebounder and maybe best of all, an excellent passer.

Smith is maybe the best all around “scorer” in the high school ranks. Flourishes on the court with the ball in his hands, but can also play off the ball.

The 2 of them would be great compliments to each other on the basketball court.

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Absolutely. Walsh has insane jumping ability and basketball smarts, he will be a terror on the wings and going for rebounds. Points will come to him like flies to honey. Smith can score from all levels.

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