I haven’t heard much about Creed lately. Any updates?

Don’t see Arkansas moving forward.

Have they pulled his offer? I did not think he would make the cut for Muss.

Why? I’m not trying to be critical, but it seems like losing Ware might be a cause for concern. I love to see Muss in Vegas watching Moses, but we haven’t had any
notable recruits on campus all summer. Again, Why? Obviously, we aren’t signing Smith. Are we gonna sign Walsh, Wright, or Reneau? I am concerned, because absolutely nothing has happened since we landed Ford, and I haven’t heard about any upcoming visits. Who are we still looking at?

Here’s your recruiting calendar for basketball, maybe you’ll figure out why we “don’t have any visitors” currently.


As Rice pointed out, it’s a dead period right now. I think they’re in good shape with Walsh. Is he a for sure signee? Not ready to say that. I suspect you’ll see some visitors for football games.

Muss is in Vegas showing support for former players while playing in the summer league. Prospects and parents see the relationships he and the staff have with players and former players. The tweets are geared towards them.


will see any commitments before September 9 ?


Regarding Creed, it seems to me that coming off of the great success of last season, Muss has raised the bar in recruiting and has decided to focus exclusively on his A-list group of prospects. I think he backed off all of the prospects on his B-list such as Williamson, Ramel Lloyd, Jojo Hunter, Aiden Shaw, etc. because he has the confidence that he can land enough of his A-list targets.

Then he can fill any remaining needs with high level transfers who would be much more ready to contribute than the aforementioned prospects anyway. And there’s always the chance that these guys could go elsewhere and transfer here after they have had more time to continue to develop.

It’s pretty remarkable when you think about it because the guys we have backed off of are very good players and we would have been thrilled to get them if they had been part of past recruiting classes under prior head coaches.

Arkansas just had a 5-star recruit in for an “unofficial” visit this past week. Bryson Warren to be exact. The coaching staff has developed a very solid relationship with that young man already.


I was actually referring to 2022 recruits.

If I were a betting man I’d say Malik & Jordan are “THE FINAL TARGETS” for 2022 class. (Not saying Nick isn’t getting the same attention) but the other 2 before mentioned recruits seem much more receptive.

I would be thrilled to get both those guys. I have pretty much lost all hope of getting Nick.

Arkansas is no longer involved with Wright. I suspected it was trending this way.

I texted with Corliss last night. He said there are no new updates with Creed’s recruiting.

Creed was always under the bar for Muss ever since Muss came here. Have you heard of anyone he has signed that fits Creed’s resume?

Creed will be a very good player by junior year. I don’t think Muss has patience to wait that long. He wants players who can make an immediate impact. Honestly, I don’t think Muss is into player development like we have traditionally thought about, starting with Sutton to Anderson. Muss is about making players that are already somewhat developed NBA ready in a year or two and not SEC ready in a year or two.

I was surprised to see he had offered Creed. I think Creed ends up at St. John’s or UALR?

Let’s hope we get players better than your B list. Walsh would fit that profile. We are the team to beat for him. Who else do you know that is on the A list?

I don’t know who is on the A list, but I sure hope Malik Reneau’s name is on there. He was one of the top players at the “Top 100 Camp”. It’s posted on this board that Dunning is tight with Reneau and actively recruiting him for the Hogs. Signing just Walsh and Reneau for 2022 would round out a GREAT 2022 recruiting class. Almost assuredly a top 10 class.

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PJ, I guess you’ll always hang on to Mike. I can’t remember him being considered great at developing talent. Evidence shows Muss did a really good job this year alone with the players we had.


I think Arkansas is playing catch up with Malik.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s right. He’s from South Florida and all the big 3 FL programs offered before we did. I saw though, on another service, that we were in his top 7, which included FL St, Miami, and FL. Hopefully, with Dunning’s help, we can make the late climb with him.

Do you know if we expect an official visit with him after the dead period?

Not sure at this time.