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Does it seem strange to you that Isaac is seemingly in limbo this semester? A lot of us would like to know why this is. Even though he is going to have to sit out this year, you would think he would want to join his new team (us) and start practicing. I’ve never seen anything like this. Can you guys find out something? Everyone I talk to wants him to be a Hog.

He can’t practice until Jan.

I thought he might have a decsion around the early signing but it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen.

Does he have an Arkansas offer?

This whole situation is strange, RD. We ALL want him to be a Hog. What is the hold up? Surely with your connections, you can give us some insight.

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I believe the kid is assessing the early signing situation before he makes a move.

I know he doesn’t seek attention or publicity

I’m told he does not

Thought so. Just wanted to confirm that. Possible Arkansas is waiting on KK decision,

I understand waiting on KK, but I hope we sign them both. You can not have too many good guards in college basketball.

More likely waiting on Walker, because either he or Mackey would enroll in January and take the open scholarship.

If that is the case, it is interesting McBride could be waiting on an Arkansas offer knowing he is not the first preference.

Isaac should put pressure on Arkansas to make a decision or else…,

I can understand the KK vs McBride indecision. Don’t understand Walker vs McBride. There is so much uncertainty about Walker of how long he will be here, even if he comes. McBride will provide a solid contribution for 3 and a half years.

I just don’t get this McBride issue, unless of course it is McBride who is driving this.

He told me he will make his decision soon.

I agree 100%

So Isaac does have an offer from Muss?

I guess I’m in the dark here. What about Walker’s game has everyone so enamored with him coming here?

Good question. I feel like Walker is holding this year’s recruiting class hostage. He has still yet to visit, and most likely will only play a semester if he comes at all. Sign Isaac already, Muss!

I think Muss was recruiting Walker to Nevada, so I am guessing they have a good enough relationship to trust one another and to wait and see about the ACT score. I would expect Walker to qualify, but obviously he had not made a high enough score on any previous attempts (assuming there was one).

The thing is, McBride is waiting, is qualified (3.6 High School GPA), and probably wants to enroll somewhere in January and not have to pay his own way for a semester. I am pretty sure he is not relishing the delay and will move on if he does not feel like it is going to happen with Arkansas.

I know of two non-SEC top tier teams with a scholarship open that have sent out feelers to him. And I would be happy for him if he ends up accepting an offer from one of them. I don’t think anyone on the board would be angry with him for jumping at one of these two opportunities.

On Walker, I believe that CEM has a lot more info on him than is in the public eye. It may be exactly what ramblin indicated about the ACT. It’s possible that both he and his Dad have told Muss that if he makes the score, they’ll come to Arkansas for at least one semester.

IF that is the case, this wait is understandable.

If he wants to come, he can.

someone was on The Buzz Monday (Danny West?) reported that McBride does not currently have an Arkansas offer. for what thats worth.


He is a bigger guard/wing that excels in running the break and getting to the basket. It’s my assumption that Muss wants a little more size in the backcourt since he would already have 3 “smallish” guards next year: Sills, KK and Harris (if he comes back).