Is Arkansas still recruiting Chris Russell hard? Tennessee is saying he canceled his Auburn visit. I knew at one point Chavis was at his house weekly. Just haven’t heard much on him lately

I’m not RD or DD but look at the numbers. 27 signed or committed and they took a grad transfer QB that makes 28, so with that 29 spot Catlon announcers tomorrow at his school that would be 29. To take a LB they have to loose a commit that isn’t signed. Would you want Russell over L. Henry and also Sci Martin? Then who do you not sign to take a LB? It’s a numbers deal and at the same time they are having player transfer to get down to the 85 limit to be able to take this recruiting class.

This is somewhat like flushing a toilet to get rid of the what stinks on the field. 2 more recruiting classes and the stink should be gone by a large part. The attitude, discipline and work ethic must have been horrible in the locker room.

They would love to take Chris and Lakia.

Will they be able to?