RD/DD with the class we've signed

Is there any likelihood that Muss will hit the portal in March? Maybe if someone unexpected leaves like JWill or Devo?

Yes, if someone unexpectedly (or expectedly) leaves that we aren’t counting.

But there is also a slim (notice I said slim) chance that we could still add two very talented freshmen

Black’s still out there. Who else?

Ware - that’s why I said Slim

Gotcha. I think that ship has sailed and then sunk, but I could be wrong.

There are some rumors, but I can’t find anyone to substantiate them

My guess is he will at least be looking at another big in the portal even assuming JWill stays (which I think he will). Right now we are so vulnerable to a JWill injury and clearly Muss doesn’t feel like Vanover is the answer.

Kamani can hold his own for short spurts but we are going to struggle against big teams next year without some additional size

Black and the portal would be my focus.

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I would think they would make room for Anthony Black and a big - from the portal or wherever.

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You guys even mentioning JWill getting injured or leaving has me near a panic attack. (deep breaths)

More worried about JWill getting injured than him leaving early. Dude just plays all out for 40 minutes. He is tough as nails but freak injuries scare me.

But getting a comparable quality big from the portal may not be that easy. Good ones transfer looking to start elsewhere.

Don’t need comparable (because there are very very few as good). JWill will be first team all SEC next year if he continues to develop.

Need a banger who is 6-9+ who can defend the rim and rebound. Scoring is a plus but not mandatory. Can give us 15 minutes a game with spelling JWill and also play some hi-low w JWill at the same time.

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Just making sure everybody knows Kimani does have another year, but I still think adding another big would be optimal.

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