RD/DD...question for you gentlemen on Greg Brooks

He made a very interesting comment on a twitter post about 4 hours ago stating…“God I need you the most rn as I’m about to make the toughest decision of my life”

If I recall, we really wanted this kid but committed to Hail State back in June. The reason I ask is because Collin Clay responded to him with #RazorFAST19. Just wondering if something is there and maybe he might be about to open his recruiting back up? May be nothing to it but was curious.

Thanks for all you boys do on a daily basis!

I have him on the visit list for LSU. He told me a few weeks ago he would probably be visiting.


Interesting…very interesting. A comment like that might lead one to believe he might be wavering on his commitment. Maybe it is just me seeing it that way.

Trust your instincts.

Refresh my memory please. Who is Greg Brooks

CB from Louisiana

Thanks DD…Grasshopper is trusting his instincts!!!