RD/DD - Madison Peaster

Does Madison have an Arkansas offer?

Does not.

He’s an interesting one. Of course, he moved off, and we didn’t see him much last summer or last high school season. When he left, he was about 6’1, handled the ball well, scored well off the drive, good athleticism and has an alpha mentality. Since he’s been in Houston, I’ve just not heard much up until his latest Twitter activity, reporting offers.

He’s back at Mills from what I understand. I think you’re thinking of Doakes in regards to Houston.

Thank you. Yep, Doakes affected my thinking, but I also was confident that Peaster had moved away. He was at Arlington, TN (Memphis suburb).

He was in Memphis last year but I think he’s back at Mills now. Will double check.

He was there as of March 9

I’m still going to double check.

He confirmed he’s at Mills.

Thanks. Hope you don’t think I was being argumentative that he was/wasn’t currently at Mills. I just knew he played the season somewhere else.

No way.

I didn’t take it that way. I promise.

I’ve been wrong before that’s why I said I think. I wasn’t sure.

Will be interesting to see if we show interest in him again

He is not highly rated. Muss Has not been recruiting any high schoolers with a less than 4 star rating.

I was very impressed with him as a high school freshman. Just hasn’t developed to his potential. He does have a high ceiling and could become a very good player in a couple of years.

What makes you think he has a high ceiling?

Looks like you don’t.

First, I remembered this article by RD. Had to look for it but found it.

I remember watching him play AAU ball (maybe it was the State tournament when Darious Hall was there) as a freshman or sophomore. Seemed to have excellent athleticism, very good handle, could drive to the hoop well. Seemed like he had good court vision. But seemed passive and content to pass the ball. A lot of that was probably because he didn’t trust his jumper which needed improvement. I figure he could improve his jumper, didn’t seem anything wrong with it, and could become a high major guard.

Have not watched him since his sophomore season. So, no idea where his game is right now.

He has the tools. He has to get the mental game right.

I don’t have a strong feeling about him. He’s kind of a tweener. He can jump and he’s 6.2.

I guess to some that means high ceiling. He’s not overly quick for his position and doesn’t shoot it well (Desi shoots it better).

He sorta reminds me of Desi but Desi is better.

Obviously people can disagree. There is a reported Fla offer, which surprises me. I just think he’s a project. Maybe he improved a lot this year in Memphis.

I’m not saying he’s a bad player. He has some tools. He just also has several question marks and for that reason, I don’t necessarily consider him high ceiling.

But, reasonable minds can disagree. I appreciate the discussion.

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