RD/DD, Khalen Robinson playing 2 classes up?

2019 recruit Justice Hill is playing a class up for 17 and under Hawks. Watching the highlights posted by Kevin McPherson from the weekend action, looks like 2020 recruit Khalen Robinson has now joined the 17 and under Hawks and splitting PG position with Hill. Wow!

Needless to say he has a chance to be special. Definitely on Arkansas’ radar.

He’s a good player. I’m interested in how he will grow. Unlike Justice, his body has a lot of room for development at this stage.

I think one factor in KK playing up this weekend was that Desi was out with a small injury.

I was wondering why Desi had no significant stat in any of the games past weekend. Nevertheless, Khalen made the most of the opportunity and got himself noticed.

It is going to be difficult for all the 2020 talent to become Hogs. There is just too much talent. At this time, Moody, Doakes and Moore seem like the top 3. Many say Moody could be a Top 20 player. He is just so smooth. What do you think?


  1. Justice Hill
  2. Issac McBride
  3. Timothy Ceaser
  4. Collin Moore
  5. Cole Anderson
  6. Michael Shanks
  7. Jay Campbell
  8. Airion Simmons
  9. Shawn Fudge
  10. Tyler Perry


  1. Chris Moore
  2. Moses Moody
  3. Gerald Doakes
  4. Khalen Robinson
  5. Davonte Davis
  6. Austin Garrett
  7. Chris Harris
  8. Jajuan Cooper
  9. Tarvon Duncan
  10. Latyn Shephard

It was reported that the 17U Hawks withdrew from the tourney and had only 5 healthy players. Which 5 are healthy? And of the injured is their any significant injuries?

Bill said they’re all good. Just nicked up.