RD, DD, is Kyree Walker off the board?

I don’t see any talk about him for 2020.

He’s still on the board.

The only board he is off is the 2019 one.

I still think Kyree is our best shot to get a 5* in the 2020 class. There seems to be a special relationship between Muss and Kyree.

Just hope China doesn’t get in the way.

If he was going to China, wouldn’t he do that this year? ghg

You may have point there.
But if he wants to go pro after high school, under NBA rules he is not eligible until a year later and China could still be an option.

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Kyree is no longer a 5*.

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Maybe he is a Hog lean then! :joy:ghg

Not nice

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Maybe the falling stock is the reason he is not in China yet. Probably had trouble getting a reasonable contract.

Well, just our luck that he is just another 4*. On the other hand, maybe as a poster suggested, it could be a positive development for the Hogs.

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It had to do with his mother’s health scare.

Apparently, him not concentrating hard enough on basketball during that situation is considered a bad thing by those that give stars.

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That is truly sad, baked! I wasn’t aware of those details. Thanks. ghg

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Yep, the one guy who admitted that was the reason says by December, he will be back to five star

Let’s sign him in November before he moves up!:grin:ghg

I wouldn’t mind getting him, Thompson, KK, and Williams. If we have a few more open scholarships, Lampkin and Moody or Moore

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At this time I think it will be KK, Williams, Lumpkin, Rondell Walker and Moore. Not a bad haul for Muss coming in late.

I feel good about Moore. I believe Muss can offer him more than Penny can, like immediate PT. Chris will be lost among the 5* recruits at Memphis. I think after the in-home visits, Chris will come to that conclusion. They say he has an offer from UNC, but I got to believe it is conditional. So, it will be Memphis or Arkansas. Believe Arkansas wins.

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If we land EL, I wouldn’t rule out Moody. Eddie keeps mentioning Moses and him are tight.

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He also mentions KK a lot as well. Wouldn’t be a bad three to start with:


Perhaps we need to slap a heavy tarrif on basketball players going to China.

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Ha ha :joy:

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