RD/DD....how many more and who?

Looks like we have 19 signed or committed. Lots of options out there, so how do you see this closing out?

Jalen St. John- Arkansas

Malik Hornsby-Arkansas

Allen Horace- UTSA or Arkansas

Marcus Henderson- Ole Miss or Arkansas

Savion Williams- I’m leaning towards TCU

Expect Xavier Kelly to be a Hog


That would be a great finish

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I notice we aren’t even mentioning Jones anymore lol, I take getting him on campus as the win.

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You think OM leads for Henderson?? Do we get the big boy from LSU as a grad transfer?

edit-answered my own question


Early on I thought Arkansas for Henderson. Last week I was hearing Ole Miss.

Evidently Kiffin has a good relaltionship with the coaches at the school.

Would hate to lose Henderson especially to Ole Miss who’s barely better than us… what do you think about the grad transfer from LSU?

What about Draper?

Cambell can but has work to do to graduate this spring. Smart kid but had never planned to enter portal so still has the work to do. Ever heard that before??

Something to remember about Henderson. Below is what Ray Curry said last week.

Offensive lineman Marcus Henderson, 6-4, 315 pounds, of Memphis University High School visited Arkansas with Curry, who believes the Razorbacks are in good shape with him.

“He’s coming, I’m telling him, ‘Go ahead and have fun. Have fun on your visits but you know where you are and where you’re coming’," Curry said.

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Why I was thinking we were going to be getting him probably nobody knows him better than Curry.he’s got just as good a chance to play already here is he does there and with the best offensive line combination in the country teaching him

I hope Curry is on the money with this! We need Henderson badly!!!

Land those 2 with RD’s hopefuls and this staff gets a grade A for first year recruiting.
Not counting the grad transfers.

As of today, no contact with Campbell.

As far as Henderson, heard something positive for Arkansas tonight. We’ll see.


Hope his family doesn’t receive one of those Tuesday before signing day deliveries OM is famous for.

Probably explains the no contacts on Campbell I find it strange to turn down someone like him otherwise

Campbell is abit leisurely by nature from what I interpret by the Ponchatoula who just described his character and personality. I don’t get the term turn him down. This will not be a February decision n all likelihood. Casmpbell has to work HARD to graduate in May. Cannot be a graduate and immediately eligible unless that gets accomplished. Just saying.When it comes to Ol, yudaman seems to see the kid a nail and Coach Pittman/Davis as a big hammer. Csmpbell may indeed need that to make the next level, but he is apparently a kid who likes to have fun.

Turn him down may not be the right term… we may not have room for him if Henderson is indeed going to come… I don’t know what kind of number is there working with. I would like to have him because he can help us out right away and help with the younger kids because he’s been in the war of the SEC for a while but Sam didn’t call me so I’m really not that important LOL