RD/DD - BB Recruiting question

Mike Anderson and his staff logged a good number of miles watching and chasing recruits. But I get the sense that Muss and his staff is logging a lot more miles.

My question is this. Has the BB recruiting budget been increased or did the previous staff refused to travel as much?

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Just like Morris and the football staff, Muss and his staff are much more active on Twitter. Mike liked to keep things on the low.

Not sure on the budget.

I understand the Twitter part. That does not require additional dollars.

My question was more about travel expenses. This staff seems to be away from Fayetteville a lot more and that requires a travel budget. Only other explanation is that Mike just did not use the entire travel budget.

I am just wondering if increased travel budget is one of the things Muss negotiated before accepting this job.

See what I can find out.

I’m going to guess not much of a difference. Could be wrong.