RD & DD? Are they looking for more interior defensive linemen than usual...........

…in this class? If so, are Soli and Williams going to be all of the defensive ends? I know we won’t turn down a great one at any position but we seem to need more help on the interior than on the outside in the DL. Is that how they are recruiting?

I think it’s a case of going through the spring and seeing what they have and they believe they need more playmakers on the DL.

I know they’re looking to sign 20-22 in the 19 class, but I never really pay too much attention to what the numbers are early in the process. If you need to sign 24-25, you always find a way to do so.

They are looking at plenty of DL.

I’m sure they will add some.

I agree with you DD. You can’t have enough of them in this league and especially with our new offense. Our D will probably be on the field more than in the past so having solid DL to rotate will be huge as well as at the DE position. We need to be loaded in those areas I feel and playing time will be available.