RD\DD any news on Duke kicker

being option from portal? Name has popped up attributed to new special teams coach. If so, appears the bus is getting filled up if next two weeks are secured.

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What is his name? If it is Reed, his father was a fraternity brother of mine and I think a big Razorback fan.

AJ Reed.

OK Beachedhawg. We now have another true insider on the board. Keep us posted.

By the way, are you in VA Beach? If so, I think I met you briefly at the big sports bar/seafood buffet in VA Beach, while watching USC demolish us at the start of the 2006 season.

Yes, I remember you. Still here. I am no insider, but I heard through a mutual fraternity brother a couple of years ago that Robert Reed’s son was a great kicker and wanted to go to Arkansas or Alabama but both teams were not in need of one at the time. Robert and I were pledge brothers and fraternity brothers.

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