RD/DD, a Robert Scott question

Rebneck fans are all over Twitter crowing that they “signed” the best player out of Arkansas. Of course they haven’t signed anybody yet, but they’re Rebnecks, so you have to excuse their ignorance. However, is he the best prospect in Arkansas? I’d frankly never heard of him until DD wrote about him last week, but that doesn’t mean anything.

He’s Hawgs Illustrated’s No. 1 player, something chosen by me after consulting with high school and college coaches, watching tape and most of the time seeing them in person.

Others have Blayne Toll or Jacolby Criswell as number one.

All three have impressive offer lists.

Thanks. Criswell is coming my way (UNC) and I’m seeing some woman named Toll tweeting a lot of Arkansas-themed stuff this week (sister? mom? I have no idea). So we’ll see. As I pointed out to one of the Rebnecks, Scott has six months to change his mind.

Blayne Toll is on his official visit to Arkansas right now.

I posted this elsewhere, but Scott told people he was going out of state.