RD/DD, a basketball eligibility question

Say a kid played juco ball for one year and attended the juco but didn’t play for a year, then transferred to a four year school and didn’t play at the new school for the first year. Did he burn his redshirt by skipping the year in juco or would that be considered a redshirt season at the new school?

I’m thinking under the 5 to play 4 rule you’d be a redshirt soph in your first year at the new school, and if you didn’t play you’d be a redshirt junior the next year.

You have 5 to play 4 regardless of whether you play a year (or two) or not.

So the player in the situation you are bringing up would be a redshirt junior

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Once the clock starts, it doesn’t stop. Remember that. (BYU is the exception)

There are a couple of other exemptions, such as for military service (which hardly anyone does, although I guess some foreign athletes from countries where military service is mandatory might get yanked home). Also, an LDS athlete anywhere, not just BYU, can get the exemption. I suspect UUtah has its share of Mormon players for instance.

My son in law redshirted his freshman year in JUCO baseball. After playing 1 year of JUCO he transferred to UALR and played two season there. He and my daughter graduated when he had one year left he could play. But he decided to move back to Chattanooga to get on with life. So 5 to play 4 is correct.

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