RD Chances of completing Hog Fab 5 plus Isaac

I know the available scholarship numbers don’t add up, but what is your gut as far as us pulling this off?

IMO, if they all decide to sign with Arkansas the scholarship numbers will work themselves out.

Go Hogs!

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Unless something happens, the Fab Five will be Hogs.


Terrific news if that happens! Do you believe there is a way to add Isaac as well?
Go Hogs!

Maybe, since Richard answered like he did, this could be the situation. There are 6 players that could be called the Fab 5, including Isaac. Maybe he thinks 5 will sign, but Isaac may not be the one that didn’t sign. I’d be ecstatic if any 5 of those 6 signed with the Hogs.

I feel at this moment that Arkansas will land five kids from Arkansas in this class.


That is fantastic news. Excellent achievement by CEM, especially considering the short amount of time he’s had to build relationships.

Based on Dudley’s statement, I take it to mean that he thinks one out of Moore, Williams, Robinson, or McBride will head elsewhere, but he thinks we will get the remaining three.

Dudley did say yesterday on a radio show that he thinks Moore will go to Memphis so make of that what you will, I think he also said he told his wife he’d stay off his computer all weekend too lol

Richard, how do you feel about Moore this afternoon? I see Dudley is predicting Memphis.

Not feeling as good as I was. No.

So Dudley’s statement about Arkansas landing 5 Arkansas kids in this class means we land Isaac instead of Moore? I could live with that. You can never have too many good guards in college basketball. Especially ones that can really shoot. Still holding out hope we land Chris…

Unreal. Smh.

As I said if McBride comes in addition to KK, I am even more worried about the future of Desi Sillls.

Why would you be worried about Desi? He’s thriving under Muss. I will repeat, you can not have too many quality guards in college basketball. Look at almost every national champion over the last 25 years. The one common denominator was superior guard play. How many national championships did Shaq win? Zion?

Can you imagine the matchup nightmare teams will face playing us next year with Connor and four snipers? I say bring it on. Sounds like Golden State basketball to me.

What happened?

I have NO inside info, but when it comes to recruiting against Memphis or Ole Mrs or Aubarn, I think we all know what “happen$$$$$$” in recruiting. Maybe I’m just too cynical, since it has been soooo long since Memphis was caught paying a player lol


Sounds like multiple places are being told that they’re the pick. Seems like Chris is maybe trying to create a bit of drama and theater around the decision.

I have zero faith in Arkansas High School Bball players picking the Hogs. DD and RD have relationships so I trust what they tell us. In-state kids, especially in b-ball have way to much drama going on most of the time to feel good about anything until ink is on paper.