RD can we have a list

RD Can we get a list of current guys to “Keep an eye on” for potential additions to the hoops roster? Seems like we had one a month or so ago but alot has changed since then with guys commiting here or elsewhere.

Thanks Senor Dad.

Right now I would focus on Byrce Hamilton.


RD :bomb:! My man.

Not saying he’s coming but that’s my focus as of now.

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Hamilton certainly has been productive. His points, rebounds, and assists speak loudly.

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I bet we can speak it into existence if we say it enough dad!

Can always count on my man votan to bring the stuff!

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More on Wade.

So I take it he’s no longer committed to Nevada?
Question answered. He states he wants to be closer to home. Not sure how PA, MN, OH or even AR meets that criteria.
Vandy, GA Tech and WKY does.

Probably Georgia Tech, but could be a solid 8-10mpg role player for the Hogs … plus defender and rebounder … would be an upgrade over Henderson or Baybe.

I believe Muss is saving a scholarship for a potential starter at the 4 … likely someone testing the NBA waters but retaining eligibility (i.e. Marcus Bagley)


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I try to get it there in a timely manner but may not be as fast as I once was. Not due to age though that is also creeping up on me, but more so to now my time is being spent taking care of my folks. My mother is home bound and my dad took care of her, but I just had him in for emergency gall bladder removal so now both of their care is in my hands. Living 30 miles away as you can guess I spend a lot of time on the road or away from a computer so I can’t post things. But I try when I have a free moment.


And we are very thankful, Votan.


I believe Umude thinks he is going to be the starter at 4.

Votan…you my friend are AWESOME! Be safe during your short rides to and from to take care of your parents. Not many have the patience to do this (there are several on here that I believe do the same as you with their parents) or feel it is truly important like you do so I admire and commend you for your incredible actions. Thanks for all your great posts and God bless!

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