RD any info on Trajan Jeffcoat

Heard he might be on campus. Missouri defensive end. Had six sacks in the SEC in 2020. He would be a very good pickup

The silence across multiple boards experts and reporters is telling….

Would be a game changer of an addition!

I read he was visiting Monday. Don’t know if true

I don’t think he’s visiting Monday… think he enrolls on Monday if he comes ….

That would be great :crossed_fingers:get him enrolled


That’s why he’s supposedly looking here

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Looks like a stud, Billy.

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Yeah I would love to have him.

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Richard can you chime in on this one as much as possible?

If he shows up on campus tomorrow, he’s ours.


Yeah I think so as well

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Seems like that would be huge news, Billy. Everyone here is screaming for a stud pass rusher.

There is not a lot of video That I have been able to find but what little I’ve seen,he shows very good speed so we will just have to see if he comes and we can get him.6’4 274 so he is a big boy.that looks tough to move and appears to move well.

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Who’s has also beat our rear end in the game this past season….

His twitter says he is committed.


Just committed!

Huge get!



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