What are your thoughts on where we stand with Bryce Thompson of BTW in Tulsa? If Self still has issues with his situation, it has to help our cause here, right? Are we on someone at his position they like more? I really like this kid. 6’5" guard who can shoot fits us well.

Kansas is a blue blood. They will lawyer up. The only way something happens to Bill Self is if the FBI has him on tape and they nail him! Nothing happens to cash cows! Miller at Arizona has been in the same boat and right now he seems to be showing weakness under the scrunity and pressure of the scandal. He will be gone before Self!
I’m hoping Thompson wants to be a hog! That’s what I hope then it won’t matter what bag man comes along with an offer!

Bryce, not Brooks.

I would think they will be a player until the end. Too many ties not to be.

He’s high on the board. No doubt about that.

I still feel good after talking with his dad.