RD and DD--Kyree Walker a bigger Barford?

Watching the twitter clips, seems like maybe an apt comparison?

Not as good as an outside shooter as Barford yet. He’s probably a better ball handler and attacking the basket.

Barford did improve his shooting BIGLY from his 1st year, especially his 3’s.

Kyree’s dad was 6’9 so I doubt he’s done growing… But if he stays at the guard position I’d compare his game (not skill) to Baron Davis.

His stats in Gauntlet play thus far: https://adidasgauntlet.com/adidas-boys- … ague-play/

Most of his FGs are short jumpers and drives to the basket. At least that’s what I saw in the four games this weekend.

He doesn’t shoot many threes so I think that tells you something about his confidence there. If he ever improves his outside shooting, he’ll be much better offensively.