RD . . . a reminder . . .

The chatter about Capers possibly de-comitting reminded me of this post from 3 months ago. You asked me to remind you of it later so you could research and report on our record with our first couple of commitments (very early types) over the years. I expect it’s not very good.

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I hope to get to this fairly soon. It will take a good amount of research.

I’m working on six Hog futures along with a special story that should run later this month that I think all of you will really like.


Gotcha. I’m going on vaca starting Saturday so it will be sometime when I get back.

Richard - I’m nothing if not persistent. The first time I asked you about this, you were getting ready to go on vacation and asked me to remind you later. When I did remind you several weeks later - you had another vacation coming up. Happy for you - legit - but bad timing on my part.

Still think this bears looking into and would provide an interesting story for those that follow recruiting. Extremely early commitments do not have the best record of actually signing with us. Probably the same at other schools, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t follow their recruiting very closely.



I’m wrapping up my last two Hog Futures and then I go on vaca next week so I should be able to get on it when I get back. I’m sorry for the delay but I had eight Hog Futures this summer and they take a lot of time in addition to the normal workload. The Hudson Henry is one of them and will be much more space than the others. I’m talking to a sixth person tomorrow for the story.