RD 2021 Hoops prospects

Senor RD I hope you are well my friend. Of the 2021 guys are there any that you think we have the best shot to land right now?

Michael James-

Chance Moore-

Alex Fudge -

James White -

Ramel Lloyd Jr-

That’s as of now.

I agree with those 4, but don’t you think we have a good chance with David Okwera? And I don’t know if they want him, but also Akol Mawein.

Will do some checking.

Thanks Richard! I think that Okwera may be the best overall player in the 2021 recruiting class (for sure the most underrated). He is a great passer, shot blocker, runs the floor extremely well, can score inside, and is very versatile about who he can guard. He has a huge wingspan and seems to be a very unselfish player. And on top of that, he is just scratching the surface on his ability. Who knows what Muss’ great coaching can do for him!

I think Akol Mawein is one you should watch.

Thanks Richard!

Thank you Senor Davenport. Margs on me next time.

When’s next time?

Whenever you are down my man!

Where do you live?

Richard, Hard to find video on Akol, but the one I found he was on a 16 & under team. He’s skilled!

Im seeing a lot of Luol Ajou Deng comparisons.

Richard or Dudley, thanks on the information about Akol Mawein. I’m still very interested in finding out if Muss is pursuing David Okwera because I think that he is the key player in next years group (apart from Chance Moore - whom we have already received a commitment). I like Mawein, but Okwera is much further advanced than Mawein and can provide such diversity in what he can do for the team (and he’s 6’11"). He can guard almost anyone, is a great passer, handles the ball well, runs the floor well, has a huge wingspan allowing him to block a lot of shots, rebounds in a crowd, is very unselfish with the ball and can score inside.

I’m going to dive into some basketball recruiting this week.

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Our new assistant coach is from Australia. Does that give us some inside advantage on players from there?

Yes, David Patrick already offered two kids from there, one of which was committed to him at UC Riverside.

I know they both got offered and that they are showing interest in Mawein, but I’m more interested in whether Okwera has shown interest in us.

They’re involved with Okwera but don’t have a strong feel for him. Right now, I would say Mawein is the bigger possibility but wouldn’t totally rule out Okwera.

I added shooting guard Ramel Lloyd Jr. to the possibilities. I mistakenly omitted him.

He’s told me Arkansas is coming hard for him too.