A note on the running back position.

I am as happy as anyone else about Rakeem Boyd’s emergence. Hopefully he gets better and better.

But, aside from Maleek, ALL of our backs were very highly lauded. 4 star lauded. And only one of the other 3 is doing much this year.

Devwah get’s criticized, and perhaps, compared to his billing (higher rated out of HS than anyone we’ve landed since DMac), he hasn’t been what we hoped for. But, he has looked pretty good this year running the ball…and is easily our best back in pass pro. We missed him badly on throwing downs today. There was some “ole” blocking on passing downs.

A question: where was Chase Hayden? I know he’s not great at pass pro (like Hammond), but he was almost splitting time with Devwah when he went down last year. He’s been sparingly used this year. Is he healthy? Not running to the liking of the new staff? Bad pass pro dooming him? Anyone?

TJ saw some action today. I do think he has ball carrying ability…but has to be able to do other stuff to see the field alot.

Clay, Duds and Matt…thoughts?

I was wondering about Chase Hayden as well. Based upon what I’ve seen I believe our rotation should be Boyd, Hayden, Whaley. I haven’t seen enough of Maleek Williams to put him in the mix yet. Think we should see Hammonds in the slot position. Chase has both the wiggle and power to get more opportunities .

he’ doesn’t appear to be recovered from his surgery yet. Not sure if it’s mental or physical. But last year he was dynamic, plant a foot and lose a defender with NO loss of speed, just really fun to watch. doesn’t seem to have that back yet.

I really hope he gets it back, cuz he was really fun to watch last year.


He looked fine in the spring. I just think it’s a case of him not performing well.

I think a lot of the running back issues, like everything else in the offense, are a byproduct of a bad offensive line.

Not sure what you base that on. He’s had one good run on a jet sweep where he was untouched. I agree with rmchenry, they should move TJ to slot and be done with it, he can run the sweep from there occasionally. He has speed, but no ability to shake of tacklers or move a pile. Would make a much better receiver than TB.

Hammond is not a tailback. He tries to go east and west to often. That doesn’t work at this level. If you can’t hit the hole hard and run thru arm tackles, you aren’t an SEC caliber back.

I would agree with you, but I have two questions. One, has T.J. proven to be a good receiver? IDK. Two, if T.J. cannot block in the backfield, what makes anyone think he can block from the slot? If he cannot do either of these well enough to be used in the slot, then the only time he would be in the game would be to run the jet sweep. Defenses would know that. I know he has six career catches for 148 yards but at least one of those catches for 64 yards was the jet sweep, not exactly a downfield catch out of the slot. Can he be a good receiver? I hope so for the team’s sake.

They tried to make TJ a slot already. Under Bret and Enos. Didn’t take.

Waplaying good bit prior to his fumble— don’t remember seeing him since then

It’s hard to find a hole for any of them to look good. I think all are decent. But Rakeem is the best. Whaley is next. Hammonds does not have that inside running lean to play behind his pads.