RB's carried 24 times...and Starkel

That is pitiful. I don’t usually complain about playcalling…but my goodness.

My best friend missed the first Q, and I texted him “the only thing stopping Rakeem Boyd so far is Joe Craddock.” Yes, they brought down their safeties…but we STILL ran it pretty well…24 carries for an offense Morris deems run first makes NO sense to me.

And…Starkel played badly…again…and IMO should never start another game at UA unless Hicks…then whomever else is in line next year…falters. This is the same stuff I watched Starkel do at A&M. Terrible footwork…legs splayed all over the place as he relies on pure arm strength…now and then…tendency to toss it to the other team…streaky…inconsistent. And he’s not mobile.

He’s a good kid I am sure…and he’s talented. But he’s had plenty of time to correct his shortcomings.

Hicks should be the guy for the rest of the year…as we develop Jefferson…

Maestro, I think you are pretty right on with this post. Hicks gives this team the best chance to win or would have had he started or played the 2nd half tonight. Let Hicks play and let Jefferson come in for some experience. I was wrong about Starkel…I thought he would really help us, but he is just not dependable, nor is he very accurate with his passes. Poor Coach Morris…any decision he seems to make backfires. I really do feel sorry for the guy. This job appears too big for him. We all have our limitations, and I think we discovered his. At least he has been very well paid for trying.

I would rather see us play Hicks the next two games, then if we are 2-6 going into the last 4 games just go ahead and start Jefferson the rest of the season. That way he gets 4 full games to develop while keeping the redshirt.

We can beat Mississippi State if we can figure out how to finish, but our best opportunity for a win will be against guess who, Ty Storey, who passed and ran well enough to beat a good Army team tonight.

Now is the time to get Jefferson ready.

Seeing the picture of Boyd in tears after the loss really gets to me. He cares. He’s not from Arkansas, but he’s a Razorback. He’s putting it all on the line every time he straps up. And his coaches (possibly teammates) are letting him down.

He deserves better.