RB Travis Etienne

He did list Arkansas in his top five, but the Hogs are done. They love Maleek Williams and Chase Hayden. Of course, anything can happen from now to signing day, but that’s where they stand right now.

Richard, I understand that if there’s no room for him, there’s no room. But I’m just curious; if for some unforeseen reason a slot should unexpectedly open up, would Etienne be a known high quality get - - or are we already fully loaded at RB, and would likely utilize an additional slot availability to augment another positional need? Thanks, if you have time to answer.

They wanted two RBs so unless Maleek or Chase go elsewhere I don’t see Arkansas going after Travis. Now they might stay in touch just in case, but I think that’s it.

I’m thinking they could easily take a 3rd RB this year if he was the right one.

As of the other day they were done. As I said anything can happen.