Razorwil..still Gus?

Is it still Gus, things appear to have changed.

Hello Razorwill…

I have been saying it over and over


It makes no sense at all.

Not true when your wife wants to come home, to be close with her parents. Maybe that makes no sense to you…

Ah, the old wife wants to be closer to home theory. I remember when that nabbed us Bill Self.

Also, the fact that she can get over to see her parents on a private jet every other week with the money they are making.

The Gus bit is nothing more than Sexton looking out for his guy. He’ll get an extension, raise, etc. Do you fools not remember that Sexton has no shame? He was trying to float HDN as a candidate for LSU and Notre Dame jobs when 75% of Arkansas fans never wanted to see his face again.

As I said in original post, auburn winning next two would make it hard for us to wait or for gus to pull the trigger after making the playoff. They won the first. Personally I like Norvell but haven’t heard anything this weekend at all.

Then there’s this. I’m sure it’s just Bo being Bo, but it made me laugh/cry inside at the same time:

https://twitter.com/sportstalkwbo/statu … 2129163265


Man, I had my doubts about Mike Leach. Someone said watch them tonight. I have to admit better than expected. They’re winning 24-0, errrr…wait Nevermind.

No matter what, Leach is 10 times the coach Lane Kiffin could ever be. He’s worked his way up and won with doormat programs. Kiffin has failed with all that has been handed to him. In more ways than just losses.

Who said Kiffin? Wasn’t me. I’ve already said out of Gus, Leach, Kiffin, and Norvell, I’d take Norvell. I’m just concerned about his experience. However, I doubt any of those four will be our coach. We will end up with someone like Mike Riley

Define someone like Mike Riley.

Is that: someone with no chance of being a P5 HC again unless it’s somewhere like Kansas OR

Is that: someone win good NFL experience as an OC but no college coordinator or HC experience like Dowell Loggains?

Disagree on 1 and agree on 2 unless we get lucky and Fla or someone like that passes on Norvell or he passes on them for us.

With the way our University seems to be handling this (waiting on Gus) we will probably end up with Mike Riley. I agree, bad, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from those with the money

Didn’t say anyone.specific.in this thread has shilled for Kiffin, but it’s happening. Hopefully the good ole boy network that has taken over have more common sense that our redneck fans clamoring for such ignorance.

Kinda like comparing Hitler and Stalin.

I would be happy to have Gus here. However, I’m not sure it will happen. There is an article on al.com that quotes Auburn AD Jacobs as saying that Gus wants to stay. I think it is true that there is a part of Gus that would like to be in Arkansas. I think he would like to prove something to the home state. However, Gus is quoted as saying he wants to win championships. He has built a program to do that at Auburn.

I’ll take the Pirate if it happens.

As I have stated before, I don’t think it will happen. Here is a Razorback trivia question for you. Who was the offensive coordinator that called the plays and who called the winning play the last time Arkansas beat Alabama?

This was the rumors I was addressing last week. According to Ole Miss, Gus had a backroom handshake deal with them, according to FL same thing, according to TN same thing, according to us same thing, according to AUB pay raise and same thing. Gus is on record (when he left ASU for AUB) saying him, his wife, and kids feel like AUB is home. To me that seals the deal. No GUS.

The second rumor I was addressing (the coach out of left field) was Chris Petersen. If any of you watched the game last night, the announcers were saying TN, and pushing the Leach agenda on us. Leach and Gus are already divisive. Petersen is a WOW hire, and I’m not sure he would be as divisive. Problem is, he has a $30 million buyout, and rumor is we don’t have the money that we are supposed to have.

However, the fact the AR BOT, boosters, and whoever else is chasing Leach and GUS, when the second winningest active coach is openly wanting to leave his job, tells me all I know about our University and those who THINK they should be in charge. They don’t care as long as they have the say so

Let’s get Norvell at a decent price which is needed after the stupidity of recent firings and NEZ mess.

We need to hire Norvell and throw in enough money to hire the best Coordinators and assistants.

I was told last week, that Norvell had accepted a job at another school. He didn’t want to wait on the decision of another coach. I was told last week it was TN, last night I was told it’s Florida