Razorbacks won't need to look far for non-SEC game

Wally never misses an opportunity to again promote ASU & them playing UofA. His infatuation with an ASU/Arkansas football rivalry is never-ending despite a majority of Arkansas fans having no desire to schedule that game.

Many of us Arkansas fans have repeatedly expressed concerns about polarizing the state & fan base with a cross state rivalry. In a small state, UofA needs state-wide support especially when playing SEC teams with much larger fan bases.

Based on ASU fan hatred for UofA & the uncivil & vile treatment that Hog fans have received from ASU fans in prior meetings, no reason to subject ourselves to that abuse again.

Why continue to stir this pot? Would hope that Wally had something else & sports related to write about.

As soon as I saw that headline I knew what it was about. A quick glance and sure enough, I could tell he was promoting it again. Didn’t bother to read his crap about it.

If we have a season this year, I expect we’ll do what the two other P5 conferences have done & shorten it to conference games only. The last thing I want to do is add ASU to this year’s schedule. Even the claimed benefit of a packed stadium couldn’t be realized. Besides, I don’t want to play them coming off the two worst seasons in UA history.

It’s not all Wally’s fault. It’s what happens when all recessive genes end up in one individual.


The dumbest thing he said was that a four hour plane ride for Nevada would be a medical disaster but, somehow, a four hour bus ride for ASWho would not be. That is about as dumb as the “let’s keep that money in the state” whine, since ASWho gets a big paycheck from playing Michigan which it would give up to play the Hogs for less money. They make the same regardless of which P5 team bothers to play them. So there is no more or less money in the state regardless of who they play.

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Have wondered why Wally’s articles are even posted in the WholeHogSports section of the Arkansas Gazette. His recent editorial comments are more supportive of Beliema, ASU, etc while being negative & biased against the Razorbacks. You would think that a sportswriter would support & promote the home state team. No doubt some of his articles sour some Arkansans & in-state recruits on the Hogs.

No. It’s not their job to carry the UA’s water. Wally’s job is to share his opinion, not be a cheerleader. It’s our job as readers to think critically about what was written and come up with our own opinion.

I will never understand this mindset that the media covering the Razorbacks needs to be fans and always paint a rosey picture of what is going on up on The Hill.

Wouldn’t you rather hear the truth, than have someone piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining?

I don’t give a _______ what Wally thinks.

Wally’s opinion & truth are not the same thing. In fact, his “facts” are so often wrong that his opinion is not worth much. (However, I agree with your general premise that his opinion does not necessarily have to be the UA’s.)

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No one here is suggesting sportswriters misrepresent the facts or fail to express criticism when deserved. However, it is another thing when a sportswriter lambastes the local team unnecessarily at every opportunity.

Hog’s administration & the prior AD deserve criticism for bad coaching decisions, buyouts, & lack of oversight. Hopefully we have turned that page.

The state needs to be united behind its teams rather than force an unnecessary & divisive game that will stir more unnecessary polarization & animosity. Justifying that opinion with ridiculous arguments about 4 hr flights being unsafe vs 4 hr bus ride further undercuts that argument for the game. Wally’s recent editorial that Beliema knows he is right while the Foundation believes it is right only further exposes the anti-Razorback bias.

No expectations of sugarcoating but do expect some benefit of the doubt in editorials for local teams (UofA, ASU, UCA, etc) & some reasonable, constructive, & balanced discussion.

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Why? What has the UA athletic department, especially football, done to deserve the benefit of the doubt?

Already addressed in my comments, including Administration & prior AD failures.

We can continue to dwell on past issues or we (including the press) can move forward & try to support the new AD & his efforts to rebuild the program.

It is not the role of the press to support the new AD. It’s not the role of the press to support POTUS. It’s not the role of the press to support the opposition.

That’s the role of fans. The last thing we should want from the press is a bunch of fanboys.

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Wally is a jerk. He likes to stir the pot.

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Agree, Wally is a jerk!

I have no problem with accurate reporting. My problem is editorial writers pursuing their little agendas for their own pet peeves or quirky thinking. Wally has led the ASU needs to play the UofA campaign for years. He hates Bobby Knight and wore that whine out many years ago. He just never forgave him for making his Momma cry. Wally hates the former AD (who never catered to him) with a hissy fit passion and expresses that hate every chance he gets. He never has a negative comment about Eddie Sutton (whose struggles with alcoholism while here were well known) who catered to Wally but he never hesitates to attack coaches that don’t. His attacks on Wimp Sanderson when he was the UALR coach was the catalyst for Bobby Knight publicly ridiculing him when his Momma was in the audience. Wally is a vindictive little man with a Napolean little man complex and he likes to manipulate and attack his real enemies or perceived enemies whenever the chance occurs. He is smart enough to do it in little digs and where he has something to hide behind but he is dumb enough to think no one notices. JMVVVVHO

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I’m sure that’s all accurate. My points aren’t really Wally Hall specific, just media/journalists/columnists in general.

Did I say that the press should sugarcoat or not express criticism when deserved?

If there is any bias by the press, it should be objective, supportive, & constructive of the local teams when deserved & not dwell on past failures or continue to further tear down the program’s efforts as it makes positive steps to recover - as UofA seems to be doing under HY, CSP, & Musselman.

Wally is obviously anti-UofA so questioning his redundant negativity & destructive criticism. Furthermore, there are too few positives & too many negatives for the teams, the fans, & the state in forcing UofA & ASU to play each other in football.

Believe that I previously clearly stated this so no value in reinterpreting my comments otherwise.

Wally is getting his wishes here for sure.

This is stated as fact. It’s clearly an opinion.

You said the press should support the AD. That’s clearly not the role of the press.