Razorbacks wearing specialty hats tonight

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While its a great cause, it looks like something you’d wear if you were an Arizona State Sun-Devil. And I got bad memories playing against teams out in Arizona and getting screwed by officials!!!


Looked yellow to me, wonder if that was the TV and they were closer to gold in person. Maybe they bought them last year and they’ve lost their luster. Great cause. After they wore the camouflage hats over the weekend, I was wondering what the heck was going on. Thanks for the article Matt.

They look yellow.

I kept thinking they would play some Cold Play between innings.

I went back and forth between writing that they were yellow or gold. Ultimately, the UA called the hats gold, so that’s what I went with. Gold is the official color of childhood cancer awareness.

Who cares, if you were there to watch the the 8 year old boy fighting leukemia throw out the first pitch you’d know that the color of a hat amounts to just less than nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t mind the occasional color change statement at those games as long as they’re not overdone. Sometimes I think there are too many. I don’t know what the camouflage hats were to mean. I suppose some sort of military tribute, but I don’t know why last weekend. I would have expected that on Memorial Day weekend.

Funny part of that military appreciation last weekend is that Armed Forces Day is this Saturday, 15 May!

Yeah but we don’t have a home game on May 15.

Last Saturday they specifically called military appreciation night. Like Swine said, I’m sure they did it because we aren’t hosting this weekend. They had all of the enlisted military and veterans stand to be honored during the game.

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Having had two close friends lose children to cancer I applaud the team for bringing awareness to the horrible tragedy childhood cancer brings. There are no words to describe the hurt.

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